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…think of lovely things

NBC made many, many theater fans very happy yesterday with the announcement of their next live musical: Peter Pan. Read the rest of this entry

…Start at the Very Beginning

By now you’ve probably all heard opinion upon opinion about NBC’s “The Sound of Music Live” that aired on Thursday night. The snark fest began well before the telecast began and continues on.

So instead of adding to the deluge of obvious complaints about the production (it’s been firmly established that Carrie Underwood’s acting was less than stellar) we thought we’d start thinking ahead to next year’s holiday special. NBC, we have some thoughts. Read the rest of this entry


2WC Pop ArtEvery one loves a  good story, and maybe even a bad story from time to time (for perspective).

We try our best to share stories worth hearing here at 2WC, and as we begin our 5th year we’ve shared a good number of them.  Some of them have been personal, many have been current events, movies, television, theater, and the ever pervasive study.

In addition to the stories themselves, we share our two cents (four on Sundays) on them as well, but truth be told we can only fit so much of our opinion into a daily posts.

In order to try to mend that problem created by daily time and blog constraints, we’re introducing a new page — 2WC Approved Read the rest of this entry

…bust a move


Welcome, to 2WC’s weekend of television. I realize that we spend a lot of time on movies here. Heck, Friday’s are exclusively dedicated to film, but we are equal opportunists here, and also lovers of the small screen as well.

And in this, what many are calling, a golden age of television, (scripted, I cannot emphasize this enough, I’m talking about the scripted shows) you’re just as likely (if not more) to find great storytelling on TV as on the silver screen. Read the rest of this entry

…Set the Scene

2WC TheatreIt’s Tony day! Today those of us who live beyond the Great White Way, get our annual preview of what may one day get a touring production that ventures in our general direction. We are talking to you “Newsies.”

As with all awards shows we have our opinions and favorites, based entirely on previous performances, the one show we actually saw (“Kinky Boots”  in Chicago with Harvey Fierstein—yes he was sitting 2 rows in front of us), and having a good feeling about it.

So, take the following as you will, but regardless here are 2WC’s picks for the 4 big awards of the 2013 Tony Awards:

Best Musical:

Zer- “Matilda”

Stephanie- “Kinky Boots”

Best Play:

Zer- “Lucky Guy” – It’s Tom Hanks and Nora Ephron (post-mortem) – you can’t beat that.

Stephanie- “Lucky Guy”

Best Revival of a Musical:

Zer- “Pippin”

Stephanie-  “Pippin”

Best Revival of a Play:

Zer- “Golden Boy”

Stephanie- “The Trip to Bountiful”


More on the Story: Complete List of Tony Nominees

…just for fun:

Tonight’s nominees for “Best Musical” -


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