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Into the Woods

Once upon a time, there was a not too small, but not too big fandom that loved all things by Stephen Sondheim. This fandom had many different opinions and many different favorites, but the most widely beloved among them was a show called “Into the Woods.” Children of all ages loved this musical treasure. Its toe-tapping, honest, and dark take on classic fairy tales made it a rare, wonderful, and surprisingly family friendly show (you can’t take an 8-year-old to “Company” or “Sweeney Todd”) by this beloved composer. All was well with the world…angsty, wordy, and a little weird at times, but generally things were good. Read the rest of this entry


into-the-woods-posterYesterday Zer covered the snubs of this year’s Golden Globes nominations, those overlooked. So, today, I thought I’d discuss the fortune tellers. You know them as, the nominated films that have not been released yet.

Is this basically a thinly veiled excuse to write about “Into the Woods”? Yes. Now, sit back and enjoy. Read the rest of this entry

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Well kids, it’s here, the big day. I assume DVR’s were set long ago, but just in case, I’ll give you a minute to fix that memory lapse.

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Peter Pan PosterIt’s nearly less than 24 hours until NBC tackles another live musical. This year’s offering, as you probably already know, is “Peter Pan.”

For reasons aside than the obvious, this year’s production promises to be very different from last year’s. If you’re not sure what I’m referring to, just do a quick Twitter search for #SoundofMusicLive(specifically for last December).  Read the rest of this entry

…think lovelier thoughts

NeverlandNo one likes to be out of the loop. It’s not fun to have nothing to contribute to the conversation. So, this week, we’re going to do our best to keep you in the conversational loop.

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