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…live in a pineapple under the sea

Untitled design (17)If you’ve been having a rough Monday, perhaps trying to come to grips with the bizarre, strange, and slightly depressing for humanity as a whole hot mess that was (and usually is) last night’s VMAs on MTV (that I admit I watched, and loved for all of its soul-crushing awfulness…and Taylor Swift who was a beacon of grace and poise in the middle of it all), I have just the news to restore your faith in music and humanity. Prepare yourself for SpongeBob SquarePants: The Musical. Read the rest of this entry

…Hit the Heights

If you awoke this morning with an extra bounce in your step, a certain glint in your eye. You might be a theater fan. After all, it’s Tony Sunday!

For those of you who are about to walk away, and will instinctively change the channel if you should find yourself on CBS come Tony time, we ask that you just give us a minute (or two) of your time. Read the rest of this entry

…sound thy trumpet in the marketplace

william-shakespeareGood morrow and glad tidings faithful followers! Today is a most festive of days!

‘Tis the day when ’tis expected that thou shouldst speak as though thou art Shakespeare. Read the rest of this entry

…enjoy the ride

It’s no secret that live theater has a special place our hearts, so this Sunday we’re doing a special Sunday review of a very special show—the Lyric Opera’s “Carousel.”

“Carousel” is the third show in the Lyric Opera’s multi-year salute to Rodgers and Hammerstein. The previous shows were “Oklahoma” and “The Sound of Music.” (Half of this dynamic duo was represented in the Lyric’s 2012 production of “Show Boat.”) Both productions were epic, beautifully done productions. However, there’s no denying that with the help of director Rob Ashford, and some serious Broadway star power,”Carousel” has taken the Lyric’s musical theater game to a whole new level.

Read the rest of this entry

…take a moment

Into the Woods

Once upon a time, there was a not too small, but not too big fandom that loved all things by Stephen Sondheim. This fandom had many different opinions and many different favorites, but the most widely beloved among them was a show called “Into the Woods.” Children of all ages loved this musical treasure. Its toe-tapping, honest, and dark take on classic fairy tales made it a rare, wonderful, and surprisingly family friendly show (you can’t take an 8-year-old to “Company” or “Sweeney Todd”) by this beloved composer. All was well with the world…angsty, wordy, and a little weird at times, but generally things were good. Read the rest of this entry


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