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Since the invention of online streaming, and the later introduction original programming to this medium, the line between television and our personal and increasingly mobile devices has become increasingly blurred.

Today, that line all but disappeared, when Yahoo and Microsoft announced plans to create their own original programs. Read the rest of this entry

…screen it

We live in the age of the second screen. Because watching television can be so boring, many have taken to tweeting each and every thought they have about a show, while they’re watching said show.  Read the rest of this entry

…be Who of you

I am and always will be the optimist. The hoper of far-flung hopes and the dreamer of improbable dreams.

The Tenth Doctor

Fifty years ago today a Time Lord called the Doctor “borrowed” a TARDIS and set off on an adventure through space and time. The rest is history.

This afternoon at approximately 1:50 (CST) millions around the world will gather to celebrate this wonderful journey and watch the 50th anniversary episode as it’s simulcast in more than 75 countries.  Read the rest of this entry

…bide time

To those who know it, Pawnee, (the Akron of Southwest Indiana) is a town of optimism, friendship, and the first case of mega-diabetes. To those who don’t, you are missing out…and we’re all paying the price.

Pawnee, home of the fabulous show, “Parks and Recreation,” and some fabulous characters,  is in peril. This week NBC “quietly” put the show on hiatus. The reaction of fans has been anything but. Read the rest of this entry


2WC Pop ArtEvery one loves a  good story, and maybe even a bad story from time to time (for perspective).

We try our best to share stories worth hearing here at 2WC, and as we begin our 5th year we’ve shared a good number of them.  Some of them have been personal, many have been current events, movies, television, theater, and the ever pervasive study.

In addition to the stories themselves, we share our two cents (four on Sundays) on them as well, but truth be told we can only fit so much of our opinion into a daily posts.

In order to try to mend that problem created by daily time and blog constraints, we’re introducing a new page — 2WC Approved Read the rest of this entry


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