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Super Bowl XLVIIIt’s less than four days until Super Bowl Sunday and you can feel the excitement in the air.

Bets are being placed, fans are participating in friendly (and not so friendly) banter and speculations are being made…and I hear there’s a football game on Sunday too.

While the San Francisco and Baltimore fans are super excited about the actual game on Sunday, for a lot of us (if we’re being honest), Sunday is about the commercials and the half-time show.

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…Spin Your Wheels

Okay, America, I’m calling a time out.

It’s just barely over a month into 2012, and we’ve already lost our political minds.

It’s time to stop and take a breath when the most controversial Super Bowl ad features Clint Eastwood and is for Chrysler.

For those who missed it, “Halftime in America” features Eastwood walking through the streets of Detroit, along with some inspirational lines about America making a comeback.

The metaphor is a bit cheesy, but the sentiment is nice (if you forget who the quarterback and wide receiver are who got us into this mess).

As innocent as it may seem, the commercial has been criticised as political and, more specifically, as in support of President Obama’s re-election campaign.

There’s obviously some political undertones. The government (we) did bail out the auto industry after all (still waiting for that thank you card).

However, I missed the line about politicians rebuilding the country. I also didn’t see the President standing in the background in any of the shots.

True, there’s subtext in everything. Frankly, I am shocked that the Doritos’ sling-shot baby hasn’t received some heat (Where were the human rights activists on that one?).

But, enough is enough. We’re about to be assaulted by millions of actual political commercials. Can’t we just let this one be an inspirational car commercial, and be done with it?

Okay, time in.

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…just for fun:

…speaking of political subtext…Happy Birthday Mr. Dickens.  You’re looking good for 200:

…Give Me A…?

It’s finally here.  After months of hardship, trials and tribulation it all comes down to this—Glee is back!

Just kidding, it’s Super Bowl Sunday (and Glee is back)!

Of course, the most dedicated fans know that something will be missing from this year’s Super Bowl.

There will be a little less electricity in the air, a little less pep in the step of the millions of fan.

Because this year the cheerleaders were booted from the event. 

Hopefully the fans at the stadium will be able to soldier on. 

God knows they may find themselves lost at times, not sure if it’s appropriate to cheer.

But somehow we’ll make it through. 

The good news is there will still be plenty of cheerleaders in the post-game entertainment (Glee), which I’m sure all the die-hard fans will be tunning in for.

Happy Super Bowl Sunday, and go Packers!

…sorry Steelers’ fans, had to pick a side.


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…take what you get

“You can tell a lot about a fella’s character by whether he picks out all of one color or just grabs a handful.”

~Ronald Reagan

Tomorrow’s a big day.  It marks not only the culmination of this NFL season and the return of “Glee”, but also what would have been the 100th birthday of Ronald Reagan.

The Great Communicator.  What can you say about him?

While countless Americans reflect on the Reagan years and what they meant and whether or not we really need a return to those values, us Gen Y’ers/Millennials are left with only vague memories (post-presidential) and simpler questions.

Like, what do my jelly bean habits say about me?

I know the man accomplished some historic things while in office, but this analogy gives me pause.

I understand the idea of it.  What gives stumps me is yet another question.  Which one is better?

On the one hand we have someone who takes everything that’s thrown at them and deals accordingly.

Alternatively, there’s the option of someone who knows what they’re looking for and takes it.

Personally I tend to pawn the licorice flavored ones off on my sister (she likes them)…does that mean I’m picky? or pragmatic?

What would the Gipper say?

I guess that’s the beauty of this Reaganism.  It can be used to support either side of the argument.

So whether you choose pragmatic or picky, enjoy your Super Sunday and all the day’s events.


“Reagan’s Centennial Plans Testify to the Strength of Reagan’s Influence”: New York Times

“Reagan at 100 Casts Shadow Over Republican Party”: Washington Post

bi-daily smile…

…Give It A Little Less Heart

Super Bowl weekend is almost here!

Before you settle in for the game with your beer and wings, here’s a public safety announcement—football kills people.

And I’m not talking the guys on the field.  I mean you.  Yes, you the innocent fan who has invested your time and heart into this beloved American past time.

Football is killing you.

Specifically, after the 1980 Super Bowl heart-related deaths shot up by a significant amount.

Don’t worry we won’t let the fact that this statistic refers to an isolated incident keep you from panicking.

Perhaps the most surprising part of this random collection of data is the fact that the women beat the men with a 27 percent increase in heart attacks (sorry guys, only 15 percent).

Now gentlemen, I know this might be confusing to you.  After all football is a man’s game.  Why is it killing more women?  Do they care more?

Let me explain.

When guys watch a game they may occasionally stand in celebration or disgust or to go get another beer.

This is not the case for the dedicated  female football fan.  Now I acknowledge that no two football fans are alike, but in my experience women football fans don’t do the sitting still thing. 

If they sit still then their team will think they don’t care.  They may sit for a fraction of a second after an important play, but you can bet that every muscle in their body is tense. 

And that’s just a regular season game.  The Super Bowl (if their team is playing) is a full throttle cardio work out.

So I guess the answer is yes, women do care more (in their own way).

Of course, the rise in cardiac issues could also be related to the increased intake of the 7-layer, deep fried, cheese smothered bean dip.

But let’s just say it’s an excess of team spirit.


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