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…crush it

When it comes to distraction, we all have our own weaknesses, but what happens when that time-suck becomes an addiction.

They look just like the rest of us. They could be your neighbor, your friend, the kid who almost ran you over when they weren’t looking up while walking down the sidewalk Read the rest of this entry

…rhyme and reason

That rhyming helps memory should shock none.

It’s something we learned when very young. Read the rest of this entry

…think happy thoughts

The power of perception is nothing to be scoffed, and now there’s a study to back it up.  

We determine the way the world sees us. Okay, that on its own is not particularly surprising, but the psychology behind it is.

Essentially if you go around assuming that no one likes you, eventually that will become true. Shockingly most people aren’t huge fans of self-pity.

Of course, if you’re a jerk who believes that everyone likes you, that won’t necessarily make it true. However, all of you paranoid mopers who skulk around assuming that everyone hates you, congratulations, you’re probably right!

It’s a reality that was in fact created by your own delusions (isn’t that interesting), but point is, in the end you were correct. Enjoy the validation.

You create your own reality (within reason sci-fi fans), why not make it a happy one.

“If You Think Everyone Hates You, Everyone Will Hate You”: MSNBC

…bi-daily smile…

…be in the red

If you’re looking for recent, curiously specific studies then have I got some good news for you.  One such research effort found that eBay pages with the color red on them made consumers more likely to bid higher.

Because the color red is so notorious for creating calm, logical, strategic thought processes.

No offense red.  I love you, I do, but you are not a calming, reassuring color. Bulls (who are color blind to be fair) chase you.  You represent debt, anger, and the greatest team in baseball (so you have one thing going for you).

But good for you, you’ve found your niche–inciting panicked purchases.  Clearly a large part of the population responds to stress by clicking “buy.”  Wait, now it makes sense.

Based on these findings it’s a miracle anyone ever buys anything on Amazon.  They have their color scheme all wrong.  What were they thinking with that golden-yellow and crisp white?

Still, as a notorious over-thinking shopper, the only time red encourages me to make a purchase is when it’s accompanied by a Cardinal’s logo.


“Using Red on eBay Pages Results in Higher Bids”: The Atlantic


…hide and seek

Have you ever hidden your wallet in a really clever place?  So clever that you yourself forgot where it was, thus removing all cleverness from the hiding place?

A new study may explain why that is–you think you’re smarter than everyone else.

Don’t feel bad, everyone else thinks they’re smarter than you too.  This study found that humans have a disconnect between where they hide things and where they look for things.

That disconnect comes from the inherent belief that we are each more clever than the next person. Basically we’re programmed to be arrogant.

Isn’t that a horrible thought?  I am all for self-confidence, but being pre-wired to think that you are smarter than everyone else just seems downright pompous. Not to mention it cannot possibly be true.

What were these study people thinking?  Why would we want to know this?

…and lastly, I think the big question has been over-looked.  Why are you hiding your wallet from yourself?


“Where to Hide Your Wallet So That You Can Find it Again Later”: MSNBC

…the succinctness that this title possesses must, most definitely, be immediately recognized…well done MSNBC…incredibly well done…

…bi-daily smile…


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