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…think of lovely things

NBC made many, many theater fans very happy yesterday with the announcement of their next live musical: Peter Pan. Read the rest of this entry

…Start at the Very Beginning

By now you’ve probably all heard opinion upon opinion about NBC’s “The Sound of Music Live” that aired on Thursday night. The snark fest began well before the telecast began and continues on.

So instead of adding to the deluge of obvious complaints about the production (it’s been firmly established that Carrie Underwood’s acting was less than stellar) we thought we’d start thinking ahead to next year’s holiday special. NBC, we have some thoughts. Read the rest of this entry

…play a dangerous game

2WC TheatreThank goodness it’s Friday, which usually would mean a movie review, but this Friday, I thought I’d take a bit of a detour and throw a theater review in the mix.

First, some insights: Any and all visitors to this site can tell 2WC has an affinity for film, but our first love is theater. Particularly musical theater, but for various reasons, we simply can’t see enough theater to populate this blog with it as much as we’d like. That, and as much as I love it, a part of me hates reviewing it.

Why? I’m completely and totally biased, even the most horrible of theatrical performances will still hold a special place in my heart. Perhaps it’s the immediacy, the intimacy, and the vulnerability of a live performance.

Seriously, a show would have to be overtly offensive, cruel, and physically abusive/harmful for me to hate it…that doesn’t mean I can’t see faults in a show.

So, you can probably see where this is headed—my review of the Broadway-bound tour of Jekyll & Hyde. It’s a show with a history (that involves David Hasselhoff, so take that as you will). Some love it, some hate it, and now it’s returning to the Great White Way.

Personally, it’s a show I’ve listened to for years and always wanted to see. Here’s what I thought:

Read the rest of this entry

…Hit the Heights

It’s Tony night once again.  Time for the best of Broadway to celebrate the best of theater from the past season, and the rest of us to anxiously sit on our couches, and proudly state our opinions on shows that we have yet to see (for the most part).

This year’s line-up includes a bunch of musicals based on movies, some musicals without music (plays) and, of course, Neil Patrick Harris.

Who will win?  Well, who knows.  True, we haven’t seen any of the nominated shows (we did see the movies…does that count?), but that won’t stop us from weighing in.

So, without further ado, our picks for tonight’s top awards:

Best Musical:

Zer- “Newsies”


…are you sensing a theme? We’re holding out for a surprise duet with Christian Bale…

Best Play:

Zer- “Peter and the Starcatcher”

Stephanie- “Peter and the Starcatcher”

…we’re suckers for a good Peter Pan story…

Best Revival of a Musical:

Zer- “Porgy and Bess”

Stephanie- “Porgy and Bess”

…Audra McDonald is one of the best things you will hear…ever…

Best Revival of a Play:

Zer- “Death of a Salesman”

Stephanie- “Master Class”

…complete guesses…slightly influenced by Andrew Garfield (for some)…

With that we leave you to agree or disagree (respectfully so of course) but definitely share your thoughts with us and tune in tonight…it’s culture, it’s good for you…


More on the Story: Tony Nominees

…just for fun:

What can we say…we’re Disney kids at heart…

…because we mentioned…

…set the stage

It’s finally here (sort of), the Tony Awards’ nominations were announced this past Tuesday, and you know 2WC has to weigh in.

For those of you who thought that awards season was long over, well, you’re probably not theater fans (prepare to be converted).

Since it’s Sunday, and it’s been a while since we’ve split up our writing duties, we’ll dish in traditional 2WC style:

Zer- Okay, I admit it.  The only show I really cared about this year was “Newsies” (nominated for “Best Musical”).  So, I kind of glossed over the other nominations.  Although, it is nice to once again see a not too Hollywood heavy list of nominees (with the exception of  “Best Performance by an Actor in a Leading Role in a Play”).  While I’d like to see Jeremy Jordan (Jack in “Newsies”) and “Newsies” pull a sweep, let’s face it Neil Patrick Harris is hosting, it’s going to be a good show.

Stephanie- As Zer made very clear, the unquestionable headliner this season, assuming you are a child of the 90′s with a strong Disney upbringing, is “Newsies.”  Is it the only show worthy of praise, or worth seeing, or worth humming along to.  No, but what can I say, 2WC (myself included…obviously) are suckers for nostalgia.  If you haven’t seen this cult-classic movie, you should.  It is the reason why many of us are secretly hoping Batman (Christian Bale) will burst forth in song in “The Dark Knight Rises.”  It could happen.


…bi-daily smile…


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