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The Lyric Opera's "The Sound of Music"

This week I’m taking a slight detour from the Summer of Blockbusters to visit everyone’s favorite Austrian, singing almost-nun. The Chicago Lyric Opera has staged a beautiful production of “The Sound of Music” and I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to gush. Read the rest of this entry

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It’s on musical theater fans and Twitter snark aficionados. Read the rest of this entry

…think of lovely things

NBC made many, many theater fans very happy yesterday with the announcement of their next live musical: Peter Pan. Read the rest of this entry

…Start at the Very Beginning

By now you’ve probably all heard opinion upon opinion about NBC’s “The Sound of Music Live” that aired on Thursday night. The snark fest began well before the telecast began and continues on.

So instead of adding to the deluge of obvious complaints about the production (it’s been firmly established that Carrie Underwood’s acting was less than stellar) we thought we’d start thinking ahead to next year’s holiday special. NBC, we have some thoughts. Read the rest of this entry

…play a dangerous game

2WC TheatreThank goodness it’s Friday, which usually would mean a movie review, but this Friday, I thought I’d take a bit of a detour and throw a theater review in the mix.

First, some insights: Any and all visitors to this site can tell 2WC has an affinity for film, but our first love is theater. Particularly musical theater, but for various reasons, we simply can’t see enough theater to populate this blog with it as much as we’d like. That, and as much as I love it, a part of me hates reviewing it.

Why? I’m completely and totally biased, even the most horrible of theatrical performances will still hold a special place in my heart. Perhaps it’s the immediacy, the intimacy, and the vulnerability of a live performance.

Seriously, a show would have to be overtly offensive, cruel, and physically abusive/harmful for me to hate it…that doesn’t mean I can’t see faults in a show.

So, you can probably see where this is headed—my review of the Broadway-bound tour of Jekyll & Hyde. It’s a show with a history (that involves David Hasselhoff, so take that as you will). Some love it, some hate it, and now it’s returning to the Great White Way.

Personally, it’s a show I’ve listened to for years and always wanted to see. Here’s what I thought:

Read the rest of this entry


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