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…make up for lost time

melting clockHappy Daylight Savings Day! Today is that glorious day we get back the hour we forfeited last March. Today, we are all time travelers.

Make it count, people. Read the rest of this entry

…get things started

Screen Shot 2015-09-22 at 4.33.40 PM

The wait is over Muppet fans. Tonight our favorite felt friends return to primetime. Read the rest of this entry


The_67th_Annual_Primetime_Emmy_Awards_PosterHappy Monday!

Congratulations, you survived another start to the week.

Hopefully it was a good one, but if not, here are some highlights from last night’s Emmy’s to help take your mind off it. Read the rest of this entry



Television fans were feeling all the feels late last week as the networks announced which shows made the cut this season. There were tears, there were triumphant fist pumps, and there were a ton of opinions flying around on Twitter. This “What to Watch Wednesday” I’m celebrating the most astounding among them (and 2WC favorites). Read the rest of this entry

…Cure a Case of the Mondays


 Happy Monday, fellow crusaders!

I know, that seems like an oxymoron, but the good news for most of you, is that you’ve made it through another one. Plus, we’re one day closer to Friday. If that’s not enough to cure a lingering case of the Mondays, then here are some other fantastic things that happened today: Read the rest of this entry


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