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20140127-192124.jpgHappy Super Bowl Sunday!

For some of you, mere hours remain until your team takes the field for the game that may crown them champion.

For the rest of you, mere hours remain until you get to see this years crop of Super Bowl commercials, most of which you’ve probably already seen on YouTube.

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…Get Out

20140127-192124.jpgIt’s less than a week until the first-ever outdoor, cold-weather Super Bowl.

The stage is set — MetLife Stadium in East Rutherford, New Jersey. The players chosen — the Seattle Seahawks vs. the Denver Broncos. Unfortunately, the forecast is less than everyone’s ideal.

Although, to be fair to Mother Nature, the naysayers wouldn’t be happy even if it was In the upper 30s with only a 20 percent chance of snow or rain (Ahh, springtime)…which is what the forecast is for Sunday. Read the rest of this entry

…have a little faith

lucy-football1It’s the first Sunday of the NFL season and that means one thing for devoted football fans:  optimism.

At this point in the season we all are no better or worse than any other team. Aside from those that played on Thursday, of course…and the five completed games today.

But that still means most of us have a better record than Baltimore, Cincinnati, Pittsburgh, Atlanta, Carolina and Oakland.  And we’re only one win away from tying for first place (with half the league).

Cherish this moment fans.

At this moment we all have just as good a chance at having a good season as any other team. This could be the year we return to our former (or current) glory, or crash and burn.

We could be triumphant!  We could go all the way!

Maybe we’re getting a little carried away.  We’ll get back to you at half-time.  But for now…Let’s Go Rams!


…bi-daily smile…


Good morning! To anyone who did not watch the Super Bowl last night, joke is on you.

Who won? Technically the Ravens, but we all know Twitter took home the real prize.

When the lights went out on the Super Dome the snark went up on Twitter. Batman, Bane, The Hunger Games, Beyoncé, and even Downton Abbey made some appearances in the most exciting 30 minutes of the game.

True, the game did make a turnaround once the loss of power completely distracted all of us from the actual game, but the Twitter conversation had already been turned.

As is usually the case, several Twitter accounts were created under various names alluding to the electrical system at the Superdome, and each acquired thousands of followers in mere minutes.

Theories were posed regarding all of the extra air time the ads were getting during the games unanticipated hiatus, but I find it hard to believe many were paying attention to the ads given the punchline battle that was occurring on Twitter.

Yes, there were updates about the actual power issues, and when the game would resume, but is that nearly as interesting about the speculation about when the reaping would take place or when Bane would make his menacing entrance?

So non-football watchers, that’s what you missed, quite possibly the least football oriented conversation to ever surround one of the biggest sporting events of the year.  The advertisers never stood a chance.


Forbes: As Power Outage At Superdome Shuts Down Super Bowl, Twitter Was The Best Explainer

…bi-daily smile…

I suppose there are similarities

…Bowl Over

Super Bowl XLVII

Super Bowl Sunday means something different to everyone.

Obviously, there are those who are concerned about the actual game.

For some, it’s the one day of the year they have to feign an interest in football (at least the commercials might be interesting).

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