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…Toss the Coin

It’s time, crusaders. It’s time to pick a side. coin3 Read the rest of this entry

…hash it out

2015-superbowl-logoWe’re just about a day out from this year’s Super Bowl, and I have just one question. What happened to the mystery? Read the rest of this entry

…get pumped up


It’s almost here football fans! We are precisely one week out from Super Bowl Sunday and you can feel the excitement. Read the rest of this entry

…go for the goal


Well, it’s here, the day we knew would come, but secretly hoped would take a bit longer. Today, the 2014 FIFA World Cup comes to an end. Read the rest of this entry

…Phase In

Full_MoonAs we approach the end of the World Cup, I realize that those of you who have not caught World Cup fever may be suffering from World Cup fatigue.  In an effort to help you rebound, and make it through the final day and a half, I thought I’d focus on a different kind of orb today — the moon.

Tonight will see the first full moon of summer.  If you’re wondering why that’s newsworthy, well then you’ll be excited (or at least slightly interested) to learn that it’s the first of three supermoons. Read the rest of this entry


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