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Happy Easter!

For Catholics this is an especially significant Easter Sunday. This is the first Easter for Pope Francis, who happens to be the first Jesuit pope and the first pope from the Americas.

That’s a lot of firsts and a lot of pressure. Which would explain why Pope Francis has already dropped the ball…specifically, the basketball.

Yesterday, the sole remaining Jesuit representative in the NCAA men’s basketball tournament was knocked out.

We’re not saying Pope Francis should have spent some of that prayer power he’s been requesting on aiding his fellow Jesuit institutions of here in the US of A, we’re just saying he could have.

But today is a day of joy and spring and family and forgiveness, so we’ll not dwell, but wish you all a Happy Easter and a lovely Sunday!


…just for fun:

…write a sonnet

…about your Easter bonnet.

Happy Easter!

Here at 2WC headquarters the weather is beautiful, the bunnies are chocolate, and it’s been a lovely day.

We wish you and yours a lovely Easter Sunday, and ask that you excuse our brevity, but we have some Easter relaxation to partake in.

But before we go, as promised (in slight jest) last Sunday, a poem:

It’s here, Easter Sunday, and Spring’s arrived too!

With bunnies and baseball and flowers (achoo!)

Colored eggs, candy, and pastels abound,

With family and friends (and more food) around.

There’s faith, cheer, and gladness, for with Spring arrives hope.

Hope even for Cubs’ fans (perhaps a forced joke).

Still, a very Happy Easter to those far and near.

We hope it’s a good one, and full of good cheer.

And Cubs’ fans, don’t worry…there’s always next year.


…bi-daily smile…

…take a trip down the rabbit hole

...just a hare off schedule?

Happy Easter!

Hope everyone enjoys the holiday.

On days such as these its always fun to look at the history and meaning of the day.

So often we get caught up in the pageantry and fanfare and forget the important things.

I am of course referring to the history of the Easter Bunny.

We all know what the Easter Bunny does.

He hops around and hides eggs, brings us candy and presents, clearly has invested in poultry and jelly beans, and leaves mud in the foyer (that’s my story and I’m sticking to it).

But with all that he does for us, how much do we really know about this creature?

Truth be told, not much.  Here’s what we do know:

The tradition of the Easter Bunny appears to have traveled from Germany and arrived in the U.S. (Pennsylvania specifically) sometime in the 1700′s.

Back then he was going by “Osterhase” and kids made nests for him to leave eggs in and left carrots to help the bunny power through his hop-heavy evening.

Since then we’ve changed his name, forced him to pose with screaming toddlers, and pack his own snacks.

Yet, what would Easter be without him?

Wait…I know this one.


Easter Traditions: History Channel

…bi-daily smile…

I wanted this to be “Easter Parade” oh well…

…Help the Medicine Go Down

Now their adorable, delicious and good for your heart.

Happy Easter!

In honor of the holiday, here’s a gift for all of you with a chocolate bunny craving sweet tooth.

Chocolate is good for you.  Okay, so this isn’t exactly new news, but there is a new study backing  it up.

According to a study conducted by German researchers, small doses of chocolate every day can decrease your risk of having a heart attack or stroke by nearly 40 percent.

Not a bad way to take care of you’re heart.  It’s that spoonful of sugar to, well you know.

Don’t start inhaling the entire contents of the nearest Easter basket quite so fast.

That small amount of chocolate you’re allowed each day is six grams.  That’s about one tiny chocolate egg.

Sorry to you white chocolate fans (what’s wrong with you?), but this lighter chocolate cousin does not have any of the same heart health benefits (because it’s not chocolate).

Dark chocolate shows the best results, although milk chocolate works too (just not as well).

So, happy Easter!  Hope you enjoy you’re six ounces of chocolate for the day.

At this pace you might be halfway through your Easter chocolate by next year.


The Whole Story: Chocoholics Rejoice!


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