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…Take A Joke

"MUPPETS MOST WANTED" This weekend, the future of the United States national security hangs in the balance.

Why?  You might ask.

Is there some meeting of great diplomats?  Has some foreign threat been made?   Is there another election, that you were completely unaware of?No, on all three counts, this threat is much closer to home, and that home is the swamp (for one of them, at least).

Yes, Kermit and friends have thrown the United States under the international-diplomacy  bus.

Warning:  a great deal of sarcasm is about to follow. Read the rest of this entry

…go into the light

“This is the End,” written and directed by Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg, is a farce of the apocalypse as experienced by an assortment of relatively well-known Hollywood actors.

When the rapture arrives, it’s no surprise that a Hollywood house party remains unaffected. That is, until the hell fires being to rain down on the hills of Hollywood. When the carnage ends (for the moment) Seth Rogen, James Franco, Jay Baruchel, Craig Robinson, and Danny McBride find themselves trapped in Franco’s not-so-humble dwelling wondering what in the world is going on.

Yes, that is the plot of this insane, off-the-wall comedy.  It is crude, violent, completely inappropriate, irreverent, unnecessarily gory, and downright insulting at moments, and against all odds it totally works.

Then Emma Watson shows up and it gets even better.  If the end times ever land you in a confrontation with Hermione, back away slowly.

Don’t worry guys, this is every bit the stupid comedy you’ve dreamt of and more, but it takes itself very seriously.  This movie takes on some serious issues, such as, religion, fame, vanity, and common decency. It also answers the age-old question: Just how many times can you drop an F-bomb in a movie but still be entertaining? Spoiler alert: it’s a lot.

So…it’s a miracle that I didn’t throw a thesaurus at the screen, but somehow this movie managed to find a balance somewhere between stupid humor and clever banter.  It treads the line beautifully and in the end I even found myself tearing up a little bit.

Perhaps it’s because they’re making fun of themselves or perhaps it’s the absurdity of the situation or perhaps it’s the amazing cameo at the end of the film (no spoilers), but I really enjoyed this movie crude moments and all.

Finally, it’s no secret that 2WC has a strict no spoiler policy, so it bemoans me to do this, but it is necessary—everyone dies in this movie…well, it’s safe to assume that everyone dies in this movie.

Spoiler, that wasn’t the actual spoiler. I can’t do it.  How about this?

Allusive spoiler alert: If you were a screaming teenage girl in the mid to late 90′s/early 2000′s you will probably have a screaming girl relapse by the end of this movie, or die laughing while repressing said relapse (KTBSPA…if you know what that means you fit the preceding description).


…Laugh It Off

With less than one day to go until decision time, some of you undecided voters out there might be getting a little nervous, as you should be.

After all, your vote (combined with your fellow indecisive voters) could be the determining vote in this election (possibly).

At this point, let’s face it, if the issues haven’t swayed you one way or the other they’re probably not going to. So what are your options?

Well, you could go the traditional route of voting for the candidate whose billboard, bumper sticker or attack ad you see last before entering the polling location. But that seems a bit unreliable.

You could also base it on the fairly accurate “Halloween masks” statistic or the incredibly accurate “cookie tasting contest” statistics (Obama should win according to both). But those both seem almost too reliable.

If you’re looking to mix it up you could go with the “last laugh” approach.

A study of the presidential race recently revealed that Mitt Romney has been the butt of the joke more than twice as often as President Obama.

Whether that is a good thing or a bad thing depends on which way you lean. Which I guess if you’re undecided you probably don’t know which way that is?

Well, if all else fails you can always draw names out of a hat. Now you’ll just have to decide which hat…it never ends._________________________________________

More on the Story: LA Times

…just for fun:

…Make ‘Em Laugh

The best film ever may be a matter of opinion, but according to a recent research study, “Airplane,” is the funniest movie ever made.

The research conducted by a film subscription, the study used a laughs-a-minute scale to judge the humor levels of each of the films shown.

The victor came out with a score of 3 laughs a minute.

Other films coming in the top 10 include “The Hangover”(2.4), “Anchorman”(1.6), and “Bridesmaids”(1.4).

You’ll notice quite a few movies missing from the list, not to mention the absence of any sort of scientific method to how this study was conducted.

Were age and gender taken into account when choosing participants? How was a laugh defined? Was the duration of each laugh taken into account? Or did a chortle count the same as a minute long belly laugh?

Or more importantly, where are “Caddyshack”, “Office Space” and “Young Frankenstein”?

This study may be less than scientific, but I demand a recount.

More on the Story: The Telegraph

…just for fun:

…Fool You Thrice

Actors, actresses, directors, producers and other assorted celebrities (still not sure why some of you are “famous”) watch out.  It’s the eve of the Golden Globes, and if you haven’t figured it out already, you’re all fair game.

Yes, despite the hullabaloo raised every year during the weeks after the awards, Mr. Ricky Gervais has been invited back as this year’s master of ceremonies.

That means those of us at home get to watch as those who can’t take a joke, squirm anxiously in their seats.  While those who really can’t take a joke abuse their microphone privileges.

After all the outrage and strong language following the 2010 and 2011 awards, it may be hard to believe that the Golden Globes would be welcoming this fearless comedian back to the mic.  They were after all supremely sorry for any offense that Mr. Gervais might have caused.

However, in this his third year as host, it’s hard to believe that they actually think that he will, or even want him to change his style.

It should be an awesome time.  Of course, if you find yourself wondering why in the world Gervais would be asked back not once, but twice.  Well, you probably can’t take a joke either.


More on the Story:  201020112012

…just for fun:


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